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And so we’re here now

April 3, 2020

It’s sort of jarring how fast things can change. A month ago I was going in for work and functioning as ‘normal’. Schools were still open. There was ample toilet paper in stock at stores, panic buying had not yet started (although it was starting). Not many people in the US knew the name “Dr. Fauci”. A month ago I was preparing to lead worship on Sunday – for the last week church would be in person for the foreseeable future. I could still go outside without the thought that I’d need to go home and immediately change my clothes/take a shower. Restaurants were still open for dine-in and many people still had their jobs. The stock market had not yet crashed.

Although I don’t think this will be permanent, it will leave long-term changes. Whether it’s how we interact with each other, large group gatherings in the future, financial impacts, international flying, and who knows what else.

All I know now is I look back and I really appreciate all the times this past year when I traveled with friends, got to be with family for major holidays (I really love Thanksgiving and Christmas), got to worship with people in person both in small and larger groups, went out to eat (probably too many times haha) and enjoyed restaurant ‘experiences’, volunteered with my small group, hosted friends over for dinner/games, went to workout classes, and so many other things. I look around and am thankful for the number of people who are gathering virtually to pray. Last week Chicagoland United in Prayer had a huge prayer meeting that swept across the city; it was so encouraging to pray with leaders from many different churches. My church’s prayer weekly prayer meeting which was dwindling (attendance-wise), has grown 4x. Sermons and church services are online and available; there are so many resources for believers. People are helping each other and reprioritizing what is really important. I look ahead and try to surrender, trusting that God is good and is in control – as He always has been.

Thankful for the privilege to put my hope in Christ.

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    Thanks Sarah. Centering thoughts is crazy world.

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